B2B Marketing Consultancy

Customer-centred marketing transformation.

Guidance and advice on how to build a positive reputation,
win and retain customers, and generate more profit...

If you would like all the benefits of an in-house, permanently employed marketing manager but none of the downsides (like employee benefits or revenue per head targets) consider retaining a consultant that you can turn on and off as business requirements dictate.

I can work with a network of my own suppliers and service providers, or, work with yours to help you get what you need.

Get independent, realistic advice.

My industry knowledge and practical experience will help you by:

- getting marketing activity completed faster, with fewer iterations and at a lower cost
- evaluating the things you really need, not just the latest ‘big thing’
- providing guidance on marketing opportunities you might not have thought about
- knowing what the right price is to pay for a particular service (and prevent you being charged over the odds)

See our list of typical business challenges that marketing consultancy can help with.


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